Sunday, February 05, 2017

February 2017

So January is over... phew it is such a dark, cold and tiring month. We have all been full of colds and still going... hoping this February we fight them and finally start feeling better.

We have just booked our Easter holiday to Guernsey. We've not been for a few years at Easter so I am so excited to be going this year. Being full time has a few perks!!

Here are a few photos of our January, I've actually not taken many so need to get snapping in Feb.

Baking using cooking stuff they got from Father Christmas, Finley got some 'ninja bread men' cutters and Rosie got a butterfly decorating kit for cupcakes. 

 My two cuties snuggling...

 The kids set up their ownart shop selling their paintings, sweet! Love these two so much.
Rosie;s art work for school - a greek pot

My greek goddess Rosiedon, with her cat!
chat soon, xxx

Monday, December 26, 2016

Xmas day 2016!

 Wow what a fabulous day, the children were spoiled rotton again by family and friends (thank you so much!!) and us of course, I can't ever help myself! It makes me so happy to see them opening up their pressies...

 Daddy wasn't too impressed with what I chose Rosie, from us!!! She of course loved it!!!!
 Granny too....

Eating breakfast with their favourite pressies, Rosie and her giant dog and Finley with his lego ninjago!

 Look at Daddy's thrilled face with the big dog!!!!! Would have been a lovely photo if Tim had smiled!!

 Tim cooked us a delicious lunch

 Having woken at 4.30am Finley had a lovely snuggle with me in the afternoon.

Rosie making an eye ball from one of her many science kits, she is such a clever girl! We have found out all about all the layers in our eyes... she has had fun today dissecting it... yuck!
 Finley just loved building his lego, he is still at it right now!!!

Xmas eve 2016

 We had a lovely Christmas eve,
Ant popped in with the girls to do pressies, then we made mince pies and cheese straws. We watched the secret life of pets and ate too much chocolate! perfect day!
 The night before Tim and I went out for a curry with his work colleagues, was a fun evening out!

 The children all painted a letter to make the words 'sue&sam' for Mum and Sam to take home.

December 2016

 Merry Christmas!!

I realised I've not updated since the summer. I do have lots of photos but haven't got time to download them all. So I will just to December. Above is my first big real Christmas tree!

We have had a great few weeks with Mum and Sam over, it has flown by and am sad they leave tomorrow... wish Christmas holidays could last much longer. I think I'd like 2 weeks in the summer and 6 at Christmas actually!!

So we have had a great time, eating too much delicious Christmas foods (diet starts again in January!) and playing games.
 Making paper chains to decorate my kitchen..
 Meet our Tommy the elf... he came to visit us this December and reported back to Father Christmas each night! The kids thought he was wonderful.
 The boys have been so happy having lots of attention and cuddles this winter so far.
 Grandad Tony came to visit us
 Rosie has helped with lots of baking
 Granny Sue has enjoyed lots of cuddles

 So has Grandpa Sam, it has been a lovely holiday
 We played lots of games including the Christnmas present game that Tim's family taught us to play

 On Monday before Christmas we went to Chatsworth, was magical. The house was all decorated to the theme of the Nutcracker.

 Then we had afternoon tea for Sam's 70th birthday, was so delicious!!!

 The cousins came to play, they had fun crafting!

Wel I will add the Christmas day photos later, we are off to Carsington now for a walk in the beautiful winter sunshine!

Merry Christmas and see you son!